Textbook of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery, Vol 6 von Agrawal, Karoon (Hrsg.)

    Aesthetic Surgery
    This volume on "Aesthetic Surgery" is the first such book in India that covers a very wide spectrum of topics in this field. The chapters of this book have been broadly divided into five sections. The first section covers the basic, ethical, and legal aspects of aesthetic surgery. The second section deals with face and covers topics related to ageing, surgical and nonsurgical rejuvenation techniques. There is an independent section on hair restoration and hair transplantation techniques. The fourth section covers techniques like body contouring, liposuction, and genital aesthetic surgery. The last section covers topics related to the aesthetic surgeries of the breast. Each section has been edited by a leading and experienced aesthetic surgeon from India. Salient features: First published book in India that covers important and most up-to-date techniques of aesthetic surgery of face, trunk, and breast.Explains techniques of "hair restoration surgery". This is a unique topic and is not covered in any of the similar published titles.Covers all the aspects of aesthetic plastic surgery including nonsurgical management.Includes chapters on ethical and legal aspects, tricks of establishing a unit, approach to a patient, and dealing with unsatisfactory results making it unique.The chapter on regenerative medicine gives a futuristic literature.  
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    Autor Agrawal, Karoon (Hrsg.) / Singh, Kuldeep (Hrsg.) / Kumar, Lokesh (Hrsg.) / Garg, Anil (Hrsg.) / Kalra, Rakesh (Hrsg.) / Ramachandran, K (Hrsg.)
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