Textbook of Orthopaedics, 1edition - E-Book (eBook) von Sud, Alok

    This book is a go-to Textbook for Orthopedics for final year MBBS students, it covers the course content in a very concise and precise manner. It is very easy to understand, comprehend and reproducible manner with inclusion of illustrations/ images, which the student can pick before the exam for understanding concepts and quick revision. It is an'enhanced' book' with videos helping the students better visualize the important clinical examination procedures; and includes short notes, MCQ's and Viva Voce questions on Medenact for quick recap

    1. Book has been divided into 4 parts: General orthopaedics; Regional orthopaedics; Musculoskeletal injuries (General principles, injuries of the upper limb, injuries of the lower limb and spine); and preparation for an orthopaedics exam.

    2. Clinical examination (including range of motion and special tests) has been written in each section which makes the book complete.

    3. Important examination points demonstrated by videos make learning & execution of tests easier.

    4. Relevant anatomy is given prior to each chapter for a better understanding.

    5. Newer advances have been added where ever required. For example,Femoroacetabular impingement; treatment of spinal deformities and spinal injuries; damage control orthopaedics; newer implants; bio-absorbable implants.

    6. Traditional answers to certain questions have been retained as they are important viva-voce questions, for example Stoss therapy has been explained in chapter on Rickets although it is seldom used now.

    7. General topics have been written in a lucid manner, covering concepts (short notes) and facts (MCQs) with equal ease.

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