Spine Surgery von Vaccaro, Alexander R. (Hrsg.)

    Tricks of the Trade
    From deformities to spinal tumors, the text facilitates a greater understanding of surgical nuances and potential complications encountered in standard to complex cases. The authors share insights for improving patient safety and outcome such as reducing radiation exposure during fluoroscopy, minimizing intraoperative blood loss, and utilization of the surgical microscope. Updated pain management content encompasses varied strategies including injections, steroids, and nerve blocks. Special Features: More than 400 stunning full color illustrations, diagrams, and photographs replace black and white images from the previous edition Online access to 40 videos in which surgeon-authors share personal tips and demonstrate how to deftly navigate challenging, real life cases. Highlights include up close and personal footage shot in the OR and cadaver simulations Greatly expanded section on minimally invasive technologies covers AxiaLIF, Presacral Interbody Fusion, SI Joint Fusion, and the use of both Robotics and Endoscopy Up to date and comprehensive, this book is an outstanding resource for orthopedic and neurosurgical fellows and residents, as well as clinicians specializing in spine surgery.
    Verlag Thieme Publishers N.Y.
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    Erscheinungsjahr 2016
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