Spinal Deformity Surgery von Peev, Nikolay (Hrsg.)

    Tips from the Masters
    In recent decades, technological innovations have revolutionized spine surgery. The integration of the devices tailored to MIS spine techniques has allowed the spine surgeons to tackle more complexspinal pathologies and generate new ways to improve clinical outcomes.Spinal Deformity Surgery: Tips from the Masters, by renowned orthopaedic spine and neurospina surgeons, provides practical, evidence-based insights into important surgical decisions that we face every day. The primary goal of this book is to help the spine surgeons navigate a daunting number of available devices and techniques and leverage the optimal ones to achieve improved patient outcomes. Organized in 22 chapters, the text starts with a history of deformity in spinal surgery. The initial chapters detail cutting-edge posterior, lateral, and anterior approaches with discussion of the required devices. The final part covers surgical techniques in spinal deformity correction. The text combines a thorough review of empirical literature with expert experience and manufacturer specifications to elucidate the advantages and capabilities of currently available techniques and instrumentation options. Key Highlights ? Discussion of commonly used spinal deformity surgical techniques and instrumentation-percutaneous pedicle, cortical, and facet screw systems; inter body cages; and fixation systems ? Concise, yet in-depth, technical descriptions include an introduction and potential complications, followed by design features, modular aspects, applicable procedures, and compatible devices for each technique ? High-quality, detailed images provide greater understanding of the techniques Insightful tips from experienced clinicians in the form of "Pearls" are provided in each chapter to help readers optimize outcomes and limit complications This unique book is an essential surgical companion for orthopaedic and neurosurgical residents and fellows, as well as spine surgeons who wish to incorporate deformity surgery techniques into clinical practice.
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