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    Spectral Imaging (eBook) von Alkadhi, Hatem (Hrsg.)

    Dual-Energy, Multi-Energy and Photon-Counting CT

    This book, edited by leading experts in radiology, offers a state-of-the-art overview of the specifics and the added value of dual-energy, multi-energy, and spectral computed tomography (CT). Latest advances and upcoming innovations such as photon-counting detector CT are covered by renown experts in the field. The entire spectrum of clinical applications of dual-energy and spectral CT throughout the body is covered. Book chapters are written by expert authors with a background in physics and radiology and are richly illustrated with high quality figures, graphical illustrations, and tables. The first section covers background issues and the most relevant technical aspects of the technique, including a detailed description of the approaches to dual-energy, spectral and photon-counting CT by different vendors of CT scanners. The second part focusses on the use of dual-energy, spectral and photon-counting CT in daily clinical practice, and individual chapters are devoted to imaging of the brain, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, abdominal organs, skeletal system, and the chest. The focus of the book ensures that it will be of interest for a multidisciplinary forum of readers comprising radiologists, medical physicists, and other medical professionals and scientists being interested in cutting-edge CT imaging.


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    Autor Alkadhi, Hatem (Hrsg.) / Sahani, Dushyant (Hrsg.) / Euler, André (Hrsg.) / Maintz, David (Hrsg.)
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