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    Rudolf Laban (eBook) von Bradley, Karen K.

    Rudolf Laban was one of the leading dance theorists of the twentieth century. His work on dance analysis and notation raised the status of dance as both an art form and a scholarly discipline. This is the first book to combine:

    • an overview of Laban's life, work and in¿uences
    • an exploration of his key ideas, including the revolutionary "Laban Movement Analysis" system
    • analysis of his works Die Grünen Clowns and The Mastery of Movement and their relevance to dance theater from the 1920s onwards
    • a detailed exercise-based breakdown of Laban's key teachings.

    As a first step towards critical understanding, and as an initial exploration before going on to further, primary research, Routledge Performance Practitioners are unbeatable value for today's student.

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    Über den Autor Bradley, Karen K.

    Karen K. Bradley is Associate Professor Emerita in Dance at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is a Certified Movement Analyst in Laban Movement Analysis.

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