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    Put some Concrete in your Breakfast: Tales from Contemporary Nursing (eBook) von Kabaila, Rasa

    Building Resilience, Empathy and Confidence within a Challenging Profession

    This book gives a sincere yet honest representation of modern nursing in all its forms rather than purely focusing only on the 'good' 'the funny' 'the sad' or the 'ugly'. This book provides a collection of stories that concentrate on nursing, that validates, educates and encourages those undertaking a career in nursing. In addition, this book also celebrates the amazing rewards that the unique career of nursing has to offer, for those who can find a way to persevere through the challenges.

    There is a high rate of burnout among nurses in their early days of practice, because of the high demands placed on them by the healthcare system; hospital administrations; the expectations of management, patients, families and carers; and the sheer size of the patient loads with complex needs these days.

    The global pandemic erupting has now pushed a health care service that was already under pressure to now be in complete crisis. The world now knows that we need more nurses employed to be able to move forward from this calamity. This book closes that gap in that it encourages the readers to continue to pursue a career in nursing (despite the challenges that the profession holds) while also positively promoting the incredible work that nurses do.

    The chapters within this book, explore a cornucopia of different aspects of nursing including: caring for dying patients, dealing with bodily fluids and how patients are not very good at working out how sick they really are. The book also covers how to manage the care of patients with complex mental illnesses and those contemplating suicide. 

    This book is targeted at nurses who may feel a little overwhelmed with the world that is nursing but who wish to thrive and further their career. Discussion questions at the end of the book further add to the reflection and learning process of the reader.

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    Über den Autor Kabaila, Rasa

    Rasa began working as a personal carer at age sixteen. She was the youngest personal carer that the nursing home had ever employed. This started her career in nursing. Rasa graduated as a Registered Nurse in 2011 after completing her Bachelor of Nursing degree.

    Rasa has completed numerous postgraduate qualifications including a Master of Mental Health Nursing degree and a Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care. In 2019, Rasa completed a Master of Nurse Practitioner degree and in 2020, Rasa commenced work in an acute mental health team in rural, coastal Australia as a Nurse Practitioner, Researcher and Lecturer with the University of New South Wales Rural Medical School. Rasa is the leading Practitioner and Researcher for a depression clinic (OptiMA2 and OptiMA3 trials). She is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse through the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses and is an Accredited Dialectical Behavioural Therapist. She is a member of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses and is both a delegate and member of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation.  

    Rasa has published over ten articles in various scientific and academic journals. She has also published and performed poetry in various magazines, blogs, anthologies and poetry slams. Although she has always loved writing, Rasa had no idea that her nursing stories could easily fill an entire book. In 2022 Rasa began a new chapter in her career, starting her own practice as a Nurse Practitioner specialising in mental health.  

    Rasa is passionate about nursing and believes in the value of people trying to be altruistic and caring towards humans, animals, and nature, in whatever small way they can be. Outside of nursing and writing, Rasa likes to spend time with family and friends, practice martial arts, run, surf, volunteer, travel and be amongst nature and animals. She strives to challenge herself in every way, but also take daily naps and laugh wherever possible. 

    Rasa lives with her three-legged rescue cat called 'Boy'.

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