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    Principles of Forensic Toxicology (eBook) von Levine, Barry S. (Hrsg.)

    The fifth edition of the best-selling Principles in Forensic Toxicology continues in the tradition of excellence in academic publishing. With over 10 years of classroom-tested and continually updated content, the new edition contains significant updates and 7 new chapters on new topics including drug-facilitated crimes, derivatization, quantitation, measurement uncertainty/traceability, statistics, oral fluid testing, and drugs in embalmed specimens. Part One covers the major sub-disciplines of forensic toxicology in addition to pharmacological concepts. Part Two addresses specimen preparation, laboratory testing and instrumental analysis, while Part Three discusses common analytes including cocaine, opioids, alcohol, and marijuana. Adopted for courses in many of the top universities for forensic science and used by respected medical examiner's offices and crime laboratories worldwide, Principles of Forensic Toxicology prepares the next generation of forensic toxicologists and continues to be an important reference in professional practice.

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