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    Principles of Deformity Correction von Paley, Dror

    Principles of Deformity Correction is a comprehensive text on the analysis, planning, and treatment of lower limb deformities in an accessible and instructive format. It teaches the analysis, planning, and methods of deformity correction. A foundation of understanding normal alignment is presented, using new nomenclature that is easy to remember and can even be derived without memorization. The work offers detailed information on deformities and malalignment, radiographic assessment, mechanical and anatomic axis planning, osteotomies, and hardware considerations. The book is extensively illustrated to avoid confusion and to leave little to the imagination. The planning is further facilitated via an exercise workbook and an animated CD-ROM which are available separately. The methods taught are simple and intuitive and require little memorization. This book is of equal interest to pediatric and adult orthopaedic surgeons.

    From the reviews:

    "Dror Paley has written a remarkable book that, perhaps for the first time, permits complete fulfillment of Andry's standard for alignment in the correction of complex limb deformities... just as a NASA lunar flight manual provides the terms needed to explore new worlds, so too will Paley's Principles of Deformity Correction offer the dedicated reader new perspectives on lower limb deformities." (Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery)

    "Dror Paley has written a remarkable book ? . Principles of Deformity Correction evolved from a course taught by Paley and his coworkers in Baltimore. The book, which deals exclusively with lower limb deformities, is divided into two parts. The first ten chapters present a step-by-step technique for deformity analysis ? . The second part of the book describes various surgical techniques designed to correct the deformities once they have been fully analyzed." (Stuart A. Green, The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, Vol. 84-A (7), 2002)

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