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    Principles and Practice of Skin Toxicology (eBook) von Chilcott, Robert (Hrsg.)

    Written by authorities in the field, this book provides a "bottom up" approach to studying skin toxicology. Principles and Practice of Skin Toxicology clearly outlines basic concepts, cites historical and modern references and contains a dictionary for easy reference. The inclusion of global legislation and regulatory aspects on the topic makes this a comprehensive review for every practitioner, clinical researcher in industry and academia, and MSc and PhD student of toxicology.
    • Different sections cover skin structure and function, principles and measurement of skin absorption, clinical aspects of dermal toxicity and in vitro alternatives. 
    • A section on regulatory and legislative aspects includes case studies from the UK that fulfill European Union and US FDA requirements.
    • A glossary provides definitions of technical terms, and the chapters contain an introduction, learning boxes and summary section for ease of use. 
    • Includes a chapter on drug delivery through the skin.
    • Addresses risk assessment: a key area for the interpretation of skin absorption data that is rarely covered.

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    Autor Chilcott, Robert (Hrsg.) / Price, Shirley (Hrsg.)
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    Über den Autor Chilcott, Robert (Hrsg.)

    Robert Peter Chilcott, Senior Toxicologist, Chemical Hazards and Poisons Division HQ, Health Protection Agency, Chilton, UK.

    Shirley Price, Senior Lecturer in Toxicopathology, School of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK.

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