Hersteller: Kohlhammer W.

    Praktische Neurogeriatrie von Günnewig, Thomas (Hrsg.)

    Syndrome und Krankheitsbilder - Diagnostik und Therapie - Sozialmedizin und Recht

    The growing proportion of neurological diseases in the elderly means that physicians need to have specific knowledge of the topic in everyday clinical work. This book gathers together empirical knowledge and clinical experience in the field of neurogeriatrics into a practical textbook. Renowned authors from the fields of neurology and geriatrics, neurosurgery, pharmacology, psychiatry, psychology, rehabilitation medicine and urology provide an interdisciplinary focus on neurological aspects of age multimorbidity. This second, enlarged and updated edition has been restructured and expanded to include the neurogeriatric syndromes of immobility, instability, intellectual decline, isolation in old age, incontinence and iatrogenic disorders. Special aspects of pharmacotherapy in the elderly are now given considerably more space and attention. The specific clinical pictures and practical aspects relevant to action in the fields of ethics, law and social medicine have been updated. Information panels and checklists provide quick overviews.

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    Über den Autor Günnewig, Thomas (Hrsg.)

    Dr. Thomas Günnewig is the Senior Consultant in the Department of Geriatrics/Neurology at the Elisabeth Hospital in Recklinghausen. Prof. Frank Erbguth is head of the Neurology Department at Paracelsus Private Medical University in Nuremberg Hospital. Adjunct Prof. Kai Boelmans is Senior Physician in the Neurology Department at the University of Würzburg.

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