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    Managing Instability of the Wrist, Forearm and Elbow, An Issue of Hand Clinics von Adams, Julie (Hrsg.)

    This issue of Hand Clinics, guest edited by Dr. Julie E. Adams, will cover a number of essential topics surrounding Managing Axial Instability of the Forearm. This issue is one of four issues selected each year by series Consulting Editor, Dr. Kevin Chung. Topics in this issue will include: Problems of Eponymous Proportions: the history of our recognition of forearm instability issues, Biomechanical factors in stability of the forearm, Chronic Distal Radiolunar instability, Acute distal radioulnar joint instability, Galeazzi injuries, Essex Lopresti - evaluation and treatment considerations, Management of Monteggia Injuries in the Pediatric Patient, Management of Moteggia Injuries in the Adult, Elbow instability: evaluation and Treatment, Elbow fracture dislocations, Rehabilitation of the unstable elbow, Solutions for the unstable and arthritic distal radioulnar joint, and Solutions for the unstable and arthritic elbow joint, among others.

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