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    Health Policy and Advocacy in Hand Surgery, an Issue of Hand Clinics von Chung, Kevin C (Hrsg.)

    Volume 36-2

    This issue of Hand Clinics, guest edited by John Fowler and Richard J. Tosti, will cover a number of essential topic pertaining to Hand Infections. This issue is one of four issues selected each year by series Consulting Editor, Dr. Kevin Chung. Topics in this issue will include: Epidemiology and Public Health Burden of Hand Infections; Imaging/Lab work-up for Hand Infections; Antibiotic Management and Antibiotic Resistance; Hand Abscesses (Volar and Dorsal); Fingertip Infections (Felon/Paronychia); Flexor Tenosynovitis; Septic Joints (Finger and Wrist); Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections in the Upper Extremity; Fungal Infections (including nail); Complications of Hand Infections; Soft Tissue Coverage for Severe Infections; Pediatric Hand Infections, among others.

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