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    Hand Infections, an Issue of Hand Clinics von Fowler, John (Hrsg.)

    Volume 36-3

    This issue of Hand Clinics, guest edited by series consulting editor, Dr. Kevin C. Chung, will focus on Health Policy and Advocacy in Hand Surgery. This issue is one of four issues selected each year by Dr. Chung. Key topics discussed in this issue include, but are not limited to: Impact of Evidence and Health Policy on Hand Surgery Practice; Navigating the Intersection of Evidence and Policy in Hand Surgery Practice; Translating Hand Surgery Evidence into Practice and Policy; Using Evidence for Hand Surgery: How to Practice Evidence-Based Hand Surgery Care; Impact of the Current United States Healthcare Environment on Practice: A Private Practice Viewpoint; Influence of the United States Healthcare Environment and Reform on Academic Healthcare Practice; Leveraging the Electronic Medical Record System to Enhance Hand Surgery Practice; How to Capture Suitable Revenue: Reimbursement and the Current Healthcare Environment with Considerations of Bundled Payments; Evidence-Based Hand Therapy and It's Impact on Health Care Policy; Access to Hand Therapy Following Surgery in United States: Barriers and Facilitators; The Intersection of Hand Surgery Practice and Industry; Establishment of a National Hand Surgery Data Registry; Providing Hand Surgery Care to the Vulnerably Uninsured Patient; Impact of Healthcare Reform on Innovation and Technology; and Health Policy Evaluation in Hand Surgery: Evaluating What Works, among others.

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