Energy Medicine - E-Book (eBook) von Oschman, James L.

    The Scientific Basis

    See how energy therapies can normalize physiology and restore your patients' health! Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, 2nd Edition provides a deeper understanding of energy and energy flow in the human body. Using well-established scientific research, this book documents the presence of energy fields, discerns how those fields are generated, and determines how they are altered by disease, disorder, or injury. It then describes how therapeutic applications can restore natural energy flows within the body. Written by recognized energy medicine expert Dr. James Oschman - who is also a physiologist, cellular biologist, and biophysicist - this resource shows how the science of energetics may be used in healing diseases that conventional medicine has difficulty treating.

    • Easy-to-understand coverage simplifies the theory of energy medicine and the science behind it, providing detailed, coherent explanations for a complex subject. 
    • Well-established scientific research shows why and how energy medicine works.
    • Multi-disciplinary approach covers energy medicine as it applies to various healthcare disciplines, from acupuncture to osteopathy to therapeutic touch and energy psychology.

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