Tape yourself (eBook) von Langendoen, John

    Effective for pain an over 160 complaints. More than 70 applications explained
    Taping the right way - step by stepLearn to tape like a proTaping is not just for professional physiotherapists: Many (competitive) athletes, patients with chronic pain and people with mobility problems are now using this effective and side effect-free method. But what´s the right way to apply the tapes?More than 70 tapes for 160 common complaints - a hands-on guideEasy to use and astonishingly effective: The first step-by-step guide to applying tapes, not just how they look when they´re in place.- Each step explained simply and clearly, just like in a recipe. No need to practise before you can apply the tapes yourself.- The quickest way to the most appropriate tape: Easy orientation thanks to a comprehensive overview of complaints, including tapes to treat scarring and lymphatic oedema.- Watch rather than read: The 10 most frequently used tapes are included on a DVD.
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