Tape yourself (eBook) von Langendoen, John

    Effective for pain an over 160 complaints. More than 70 applications explained
    Taping the right way - step by stepLearn to tape like a proTaping is not just for professional physiotherapists: Many (competitive) athletes, patients with chronic pain and people with mobility problems are now using this effective and side effect-free method. But what´s the right way to apply the tapes?More than 70 tapes for 160 common complaints - a hands-on guideEasy to use and astonishingly effective: The first step-by-step guide to applying tapes, not just how they look when they´re in place.- Each step explained simply and clearly, just like in a recipe. No need to practise before you can apply the tapes yourself.- The quickest way to the most appropriate tape: Easy orientation thanks to a comprehensive overview of complaints, including tapes to treat scarring and lymphatic oedema.- Watch rather than read: The 10 most frequently used tapes are included on a DVD.
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    Erscheinungsjahr 2013
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    Autor Langendoen, John / Sertel, Karin (Beitr.)
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    Über den Autor Langendoen, John

    John Langendoen and Karin Sertel show you how to deal with the symptom as well as how to find and treat the possible root cause of your pain - the only way to long-term treatment success.

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