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    Controversies in Testosterone Deficiency (eBook) von Maggi, Mario (Hrsg.)

    This book aims to address a number of controversies concerning the use of testosterone treatment. It explains topics that clinicians regularly encounter such as whether to use free or total testosterone in the evaluation of the patient with testosterone deficiency; what factors actually impact testosterone levels, polycythemia, gynecomastia, bone density, and hyperprolactinemia in the testosterone deficient patient; critical analysis of the numerous questionnaires that are available to clinicians; and the impact of testosterone therapy on male fertility, cardiovascular disease, and prostate events including prostate cancer. Guiding the reader in both evaluation and management, the book also illuminates novel concepts in the T space such as testosterone use in the transgender population, T therapy as an endothelial modulator, bipolar testosterone therapy in the patient with advanced prostate cancer, and testosterone therapy as a performance enhancer.

    Controversies in Testosterone Deficiency is intended for any clinician involved in the care of patients with testosterone deficiency, exploring hot topics and correcting existent misinformation in the routine care of patients.

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    Erscheinungsjahr 2021
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    Autor Maggi, Mario (Hrsg.) / Mulhall, John P. (Hrsg.) / Trost, Landon (Hrsg.)
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    Über den Autor Maggi, Mario (Hrsg.)

    John P. Mulhall
    Department of Urology/Male Sexual and Reproductive Medicine
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    New York, NY

    Mario Maggi
    Department of Endocrinology
    University of Florence
    Florence, Italy

    Landon Trost
    Department of Urology
    Mayo Clinic
    Rochester, MN

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