Children's Unspoken Language (eBook) von Doherty-Sneddon, Gwyneth

    Gwyneth Doherty-Sneddon, a developmental psychologist and the mother of two young children, demonstrates the way in which a young child's developing personality and intelligence is revealed through non-verbal communication. She shows how parents and other adults have the potential to facilitate a child's social and intellectual growth through acknowledging and responding to this unspoken language.

    Taking an in-depth look at four of the channels of non-verbal communication - hand gesture, facial expression, eye gaze and touch - this accessible text follows the development of young children from birth to late primary school age. Using jargon-free language Children's Unspoken Language is invaluable reading for parents and professionals alike.

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    Erscheinungsjahr 2003
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    Gwyneth Doherty-Sneddon

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