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    Breast MRI Teaching Atlas von Ha, Richard (Hrsg.)

    This atlas serves as a basic introduction to breast MRI. Organized by case, it emphasizes pertinent breast MRI findings and common indications for breast MRI. Topics include breast MRI basics, benign findings, breast malignancy, high-risk conditions, interesting cases, and breast implants.
    "This book would be valuable on the shelf of any breast radiology department and ideal as a resource for radiologists, registrars, fellows and breast clinicians involved in the care of breast cancer patients. It is well-illustrated with high quality images and figures demonstrating the MR features of a range of commonly encountered breast pathology." (Elizabeth O'Flynn, RAD Magazine, August, 2018)

    "This is an image-rich atlas of imaging of the breast with MRI. ? The authors identify the audience as residents, fellows, practicing radiologists, and clinicians involved in the treatment of breast cancer patients. The book is written at an appropriate level for this audience. ? This atlas presents commonly encountered breast pathology with relevant cases and high-quality images. This is an excellent book for an overview of breast imaging pathology." (Tara Catanzano, Doody's Book Reviews, July, 2017)

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