Biomechanics of the Hip (eBook) von Maquet, P. G. J.

    As Applied to Osteoarthritis and Related Conditions

    Dr. MAQUET, the foremost disciple of Professor PAUWELS' and the orthopae­ dic heir to the PAUWELS' concepts of osteotomy of the hip for arthritis, has assembled in this one book the strongest and most lucid contemporary statement of the principles and practice of this very important school of hip surgery. Professor PAUWELS' contributions to the understanding of the biomechanics of the hip and to the concepts and execution of osteotomy of the hip for arthritis are outstanding and timeless. With clarity, Dr. MAQUET articulates this position and refines it further in the light of his own investiga­ tion. While other investigators, of course, differ on individual concepts or princi­ ples in this book or disagree with specific positions, assumptions, or conclu­ sions, it is clear to all that this book is a benchmark work. Dr. MAQUET, as Professor PAUWELS always did, illustrates his text lavishly with beautiful examples of individual cases illuminating the principles ad­ vanced. But in addition, he has gone further and presents long-term follow-up data, quantifying the results of these surgical precepts as experienced in his own practice. It is a work that has been long sought and is richly received. Boston, Massachusetts, 1984 WILLIAM H. HARRIS, M.D.

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