Anorectal and Colonic Diseases von Givel, Jean-Claude (Hrsg.)

    A Practical Guide to their Management

    Anorectal and Colorectal Diseases was frst published overall efect is a comprehensive and authoritativ-e ac in 1989 under the editorship of Marc-Claude Martico unt of the whole feld of colorectal practice. T - e lay and Jean-Claude Givel. Its success has now resulted in out is attractive, making the text easy to digest, and the a third edition, which has an expanded chapter list to il lustrations are well chosen and helpful. Te bibliog - ra take into account the many developments that ha- ve o pchy of each chapter is in itself an impressive feature of curred in coloproctology during the last 2 y0 ears. Te the book; there are, for example, over 200 references in editors have chosen an international group of autho Crh sa pter 34, "Management of Malignant Tumours". who are authorities in their feld. Tey have themselves Anorectal and Colorectal Diseases will be of immense contributed extensively to a work that comprises 49 va lue to hospital-based specialists in the felds of -diges chapters dealing with all aspects of colorectal diseas t e i. v e surgery and gastroenterology. It should also appeal Te book is divided into four sections. Sec t I io co nn- to specialist nurses and undergraduates. Te book will tains 18 chapters on topics that include basic anatomy s,e rve both as a reference source of major importance physiology, clinical methodology and investigations. a nd as a guide to clinical practice.

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