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    50 Landmark Papers Every Spine Surgeon Should Know (eBook) von Vaccaro, Md (Hrsg.)

    There has been an exponential increase in the volume and quality of published research relating to spine care over the last several decades. Among thousands of articles, a small fraction has been shown to be truly "game changing," forcing the entire field to pause and take notice. These landmark studies may describe a new procedure or surgical approach, evaluate the relative effects of known treatments or techniques, introduce a new classification system, or provide new insights into natural history or disease prognosis. Such studies form the foundations of spine surgery today.This book will be a useful reference not only to the established spine surgeon, but also to neurosurgery and orthopedic residents, as well as to spine surgery fellows as they continue to fortify their knowledge surrounding spinal disorders. Further, this will no doubt serve as a useful evidence-based resource for trainees studying for professional examinations and perhaps most importantly challenge and inspire clinicians to produce high-quality impactful research.

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